Take A Stand Against Falls.

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take a stand against falls.


S³ has been adopted by communities across the country and recommended by PTs, OTs, physicians, administrators and residents!

"...improved strength"

“We have seen a improvement in strength in the residents who depend on wheelchairs to ambulate as well as those who are independent.”

—Jacqueline Wargnier, Manager, Washington Gardens Memory Care


"...only limited by creativity and willingness"

“The S³ has a wide range of possibilities only limited by creativity and willingness.” 

—Dean MacInnis, Rogue Valley Manor Wellness Director

"...best thing for residents at fall risk"

“S³ Balance is the best thing to happen to Village at Keizer Ridge for our residents who’ve been having falls and/or are unsteady on their feet.”

—Nancy Steer-Crist, Executive Director, Village at Keizer Ridge

"...takes up very little space"

“I was excited to try something new that the residents felt safe doing and has noticeable benefits in their strength, balance and endurance. It takes up very little space and has been easy for our staff to move. Residents look forward to participating in the exercise group and learning new routines – even coaching one another. It’s pretty amazing to see residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia learning and improving!”

—Jody Burton, Executive Director

"...only limited by creativity and willingness"

“Upon receiving the S³ balance machine I was slightly surprised with my lack of excitement for this basic looking device. However, I was quick to change my perspective once I started exploring the possibilities. Adding the S3s to the Parkinson’s class brought an instant improvement through amplified physical capabilities and social inclusion. The S³ machines also provided increased exercise application in physical therapy where a second set of parallel bars was not appropriate for the space. Next came skilled nursing with implementation in ADLs and in-room exercise programs. Onsite personal trainers quickly found ways to advance the S3s by incorporating balance pads, step boxes, resistance bands and other tools. The S³ has a wide range of possibilities only limited by creativity and willingness. The S³ machines have two areas for improvement. I would like to see a collapsible device for improved storage and device transfer. The second would be adjustability with device height and width ranges to better fit different body types. All and all I am very pleased with the device and thrilled to see the patient benefit first hand.”

—Dean MacInnis, Rogue Valley Manor Wellness Director

"...residents' balance improved tremendously"

“I am an RN, the Health Services Director at the Hearthstone at Murrayhill Retirement Community. I have been a nurse for 35 years, 22 of which working in retirement communities. The biggest struggle has been to prevent falls related to balance issues, whether caused by disease or just general weakness.

S³ Balance was introduced to us by Colin, a physical therapist passionate about balance and fall prevention. At first I was skeptical, but after a four-week trial the results proved me wrong. Our residents’ balance improved tremendously, in one case by over 400%. We were so impressed with the results that we decided to invest in our residents’ well-being and bought four devices.”

—Brigita Nikolov, RN, Health Services Director


"...residents with dementia learning and improving"

“S3 Balance is the best thing to happen to Village at Keizer Ridge for our residents who’ve been having falls and/or are unsteady on their feet. We’ve seen measurable results and we’re seeing residents’ enthusiasm for participating every day with the equipment. The problem I have is push back from staff who’s supposed to supposed to be leading the program, and we have discussed at stand-up every morning, stating that this is a win-win: the residents get stronger, can do more things for themselves safely, which cuts down on staff time, which enables them to get on to the next resident… it’s a win-win. There’s an investment in the beginning, there has to be passionate involvement by the staff, but when you get through the initial investment period, it’s winning for everybody… not only the residents, but also the staff. The overall impression of residents has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.”

—Nancy Steer-Crist, Executive Director, Village at Keizer Ridge



Reduce falls. 

Alleviate staff strain.

Boost revenue. 

Enhance marketing power.


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Keep residents independent. 

Reduce falls. 

Increase ALOS dramatically. 

Separate from competitors.  


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Skilled Nursing/Rehab


Virtually eliminate multi-person transfers. 

Cut absenteeism/WC claims. 

Facilitate more active patient care. 

Enhance marketability.


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