Take A Stand Against Falls.

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Balance Training for Seniors


ANYONE can improve with a positive attitude.  S³ is your home partner that does the heavy lifting and provides a safe space to restore strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and dignity.

Hal B. Barry, MD  Retired Physician

"I give it my highest recommendation"

“My 97-year old mom, after being wheelchair bound for several years, with the help of S³ has been standing up longer & longer on her own and is now bordering on walking again. I give it my highest recommendation.”
—Hal B. Barry, MD
Retired Physician

Balance Training for Seniors


Dramatically cut falls and staff strain. Enhance resident independence and dignity. Gain a competitive edge and recruitment tool.

Michelle-Sue, Touchmark

"...transformed our fall reduction/wellness program"

“S³ has transformed our fall reduction/wellness program, as residents (especially those at high risk) are falling less and regaining independence. I am so grateful we found S³!”
—Michelle Sue
Director of Wellness Operations