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S³ Balance Device


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S³ Balance Strength Kit


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Online Programming

Physical therapy-based classes to cut falls & boost independence.  Staffing optional!

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Membership FAQs

Is membership required?

No, but we strongly recommend it to ensure safety and efficiency, as all classes have been developed by Doctors of Physical Therapy. Competent staff can develop their own classes, use our Exercise Library or choose their own using the Cue Cards on the Commercial page.  

Can other communities in my Company use my Membership?

No.  Each community must have its own membership code to access Classes.

What classes come with Membership?

Classes are arranged from easiest to hardest and new ones are added every year. All are intended to reduce falls, boost independence and enhance strength ranging from those who are advanced (e.g., IL) to those who struggle to stand (e.g., AL, memory care, post-acute care). 

How much space does the S³ device occupy?

The S3 device has a 41” x 33” footprint. Stacked together, each device adds about 6” to a device in the back.  

S³ Balance Dimension S³ balance takes up little space

Is there a height or weight limit for using the S³ device?

The S³ device accommodates people from 4’8” up to 6’8” and up to 600 pounds. 

What’s the best way to teach classes?

As shown in our online videos, each resident/patient can use a music stand set at shoulder height with their phone or tablet.  We also recommend using a Smart TV in a class setting or, best of all, having residents self-lead classes using the Cue Cards and/or exercise 1-sheets. 

Am I allowed to “trial” S³?

On rare occasions, we allow communities to trial S³ for up to 30 days.  If approved, we would provide onboarding and you would be responsible for shipping (both ways as needed).

How is the S³ device delivered?

The device will be delivered in 1 box in 5 separate pieces.  For assembly, please watch the “Assembly” video

Does the S³ device have a warranty?

Yes – one year parts and labor. 

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